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Black Mold Remediation on a Log Cabin

Posted on February 15th, by Will Lyster in General Construction. 2 comments

Poor interior ventilation has allowed moisture to remain on this tongue and groove pine board ceiling. With a combination biological matter in the wood, heat and moisture, mold has been accumulating.

A quick light spray of hydrogen peroxide on the affected areas kills the mold. In a few minutes, we scrub it down to remove any mold in the grooves and then follow up with a sponge bath of distilled white vinegar to clean any remaining areas. This solution is preferred over using a harsh chemical like bleach.

In some areas, mold will have permanently stained the wood within the fibers and will remain visible despite the spores having been eliminated. Short of a complete replacement, these small stains may remain as they are under the original urethane and some growth may reappear in the future.

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