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Pouring New Piers for Traffic Signs

Posted on February 14th, by Will Lyster in Concrete Work, General Construction, Piers. No Comments

TEAL Construction is under contract with the County of Albemarle for capital improvements. This involves maintaining and upgrading existing facilities at locations such as the police departments, fire houses, schools and in this case traffic signage in the Forest Lakes subdivision.

We have dug two new holes for a monolithic concrete pier to provide a stable foundation for new traffic signs near the intersection of Ashwood Blvd. and Powell Creek Drive in Forest Lakes.

Albemarle County’s Dept. of Facilities Management had requested that these signs, with solar-powered flashing beacons be installed to warn vehicular traffic of the proximity of two schools near the intersection.

The sign post will attach to a break-away base. This base mounts to the four anchor points in the pier. The fifth protrusion is a grounding rod to help protect electronics inside that regulate the Steca PR 15 … Read More »

Programming Solar Powered Traffic Beacons and Timers

Posted on February 13th, by Will Lyster in Commercial Construction, Electrical Fixtures, Municipal. No Comments

We are hooking up battery power for solar-powered traffic beacons on school crossing safety signs that will be installed near Hollymead Elementary School and Sutherland Middle School next week. These signs will alert traffic at the intersection of Ashwood Blvd. and Powell Creek Drive that the school is in the area.

These timers will activate flashing beacons to operate during peak traffic school hours in the morning and afternoon during the school year.

New School Zone Safety Signs at Forest Lakes

Posted on January 29th, by Will Lyster in Commercial Construction. 1 Comment

Meeting with VDOT engineers to verify road measurements for installation of new School Zone Safety Sign installation at the intersection of Ashwood Boulevard and Powell Creek Drive in the Forest Lakes subdivision.

These signs will use solar power panels to light the beacons and the integrated timers to be set to activate on school days during the school year.

These new signs will augment existing safety signs for Hollymead Elementary School and Sutherland Middle School.

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